The year is 2364...

The year is 2364...

There is a ship that you get sent to when you piss someone off in Starfleet, when you make a mistake bad enough to be outcast, but not bad enough to be flat kicked out of the fleet. This is not a ship for rehabilitation or anything so noble as that, this is a ship you get sent to as punishment. The USS Carver.

Captained by the eccentric Nathan Locke, the Carver is a formerly state-of-the-art Oberth class starship retrofitted for simple cargo missions and the occasional cranky diplomat. With only the most basic of missions to fill their time, it can be a place of isolation and boredom, where drama and personal problems bubble to the surface and there is no way to avoid them. Yet it is a place of family and forgiveness. Nothing happens on the Carver, or at least that's the way Starfleet thinks it should run. But that's not how things work out, especially when you pack so many disjointed and isolated people in a small ship so far away from the action.

We are heavily inspired by The Next Generation, set in the same year as the first season, 2364.

Rated 2.2.2 for limited swearing, sex, and violence.

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Mission: The Fungus Among Us
Posted on Sat May 27th, 2023 @ 1:43am by Captain Nathan Locke & Lieutenant JG K'Sawn

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The vastness of space stretched in every perceivable direction. Suddenly starlight cascaded over the farthest edge of a sphere drifting through the inky blackness. The light fell over deep craters that dotted its surface. As it drifted silently, light illuminated its entire white surface.

And then the golf…