General Rules

- Respect each other.

- No drama. This is a group meant for fun, not for drama between the players. If you are having a problem, come to the admins, don't go on the attack.

- Above all be creative and post what you love. Just don't do anything to any other's character without permission and only they are allowed to kill their character unless another is told to.

- Real-life comes first! If you need to take your leave of absence and take care of business, please do so. We have experienced people that can handle things.

Character Creation Rules
-Please read and answer every question.

-When submitting an application, please submit a fully filled out form, leaving no area empty. It is designed to be a form quick and easy to fill out.

-Though in this era of Trek human characters far outnumber alien characters, alien characters ate permitted. However, they should be limited to races seen in The Next Generation. If you intend to create an alien character, please speak with the GM about your ideas first either via PM or Discord.

This RP has a rating of
RPG Rating 2 2 2

This means
-Infrequent swearing is permitted
Meaning a single swear word is permitted per post. No usage of the C-word is permitted at all. It means one F-bomb is allowed per post.

-Sexual Innuendo and Reference is permitted
Relationships, kissing, and even stripping down to your undies is allowed, but if it goes further than that the post must be tagged for an NSFW tag.

-Violence is permitted
These are dangerous times and dangerous times sometimes call for violence.