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Ensign T'kinn

Name T'kinn N/A N/A

Position Communications Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Rigelian (Vulcanoid)
Age 30
Sexuality Bisexual
Theme Song "The Worst Day Since Yesterday" by Flogging Molly

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Build Muscular
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slightly more muscled than average Vulcans his age, T'kinn is constantly mistaken for a Vulcan.
Wears his hair longer than most people would expect, not caring for any regulations Starfleet may have.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown - "sold" to another Rigelian clan at early age
Mother Unknown - "sold" to another Rigelian clan at early age
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
What is their relationship like with their family? Animosity reigns with T'kinn's adoptive family. They barely tolerated him being brought into their clan; once he announced his intention to attend Starfleet Academy, they all but ostracized him. They really couldn't care less what happens to him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'kinn is focused on communications...and alcohol. He does genuinely want to do well at his job, but that's about all. He doesn't think he should have to wear a uniform or have a regulation haircut - so he tolerates these annoyances in order to get his next drink or communicate with the next species.
What are they afraid of? Not being able to communicate with others.
What is a talent they have or community they are a part of? Languages come extremely easily to T'kinn. If not for his extracurricular activities, he would be a member of the Daystrom Institute's xenolinguistics program.
What is their ideal lifestyle? Living relatively responsibility free, drunk, on a beach somewhere

Personal History T’kinn was born on Rigel V to parents of the Blade Clan. As a Rigelian, he traces his lineage back to Vulcan during the time of Surak. But his ancestors disagreed with Surak and didn’t see why they should suppress their emotions. So, they sought out Rigel V and continued their version of Vulcan society, in full possession of their emotional faculties.
Being born to the Blade Clan, T’kinn found himself installed into the role of protector of not just his clan but all the clans. However, the Blade Clan is one of the largest in Riglean society, and T’kinn was, according to the traditions of his people, sold to another clan, the Seekers Clan, known for seeking out all knowledge. T’kinn had already begun to show an aptitude for suus mahna, and he was able to continue studying the martial art under the clan bylaws.
By the time T’kinn came of age, he was fluent not only in his native Rigelian Vulcan but also in traditional Vulcan, Federation standard, and Low and High Rihan. He entered the Starfleet Academy with a declared major in Xenolinguistics; he later changed this to a double major in Xenolinguistics and Starship Operations.
However, while at the Academy, T’kinn was introduced to alcohol, specifically Saurian brandy. He became inseparable from the stuff. While he led his class in aptitude scores and the instructors had a hard time challenging him academically, T’kinn also led his division in demerits. No other cadet wracked up the demerit damage that T’kinn did. But, he managed to graduate - but only just. He was in the bottom third of his division and the bottom 2% of his graduating class. His first assignment was to the USS Hammond as a Communications specialist assigned to the Operations division. During his assignment to the Hammond, T’kinn served as the Gamma Shift Communications officer. He was the only crew member with shore leave privileges removed for the duration of his assignment because of an incident on Risa. However, the incident that saw T’kinn reassigned to the Carver paled in comparison. T’kinn reported for duty, drunk, and was told to return to his quarters and await charges. T’kinn took exception and broke the Chief Communications Officer’s jaw in three places. In addition to being Drunk on Duty, charged with Grievous Bodily Harm, and Striking a Superior Officer, T’kinn was thrown in the Brig when he finished it all off by defecating on the Captain’s command seat. His assignment to the USS Carver is his second (and possibly, last) assignment.