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Lieutenant Raygi Benyan

Name Raygi Benyan

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 34
Sexuality Homosexual
Theme Song "The Show Must Go On" - Queen

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Raygi is not an unattractive guy; by some standards, he is considered quite handsome. His face has a square jaw, coupled with deep black eyes and a fair complexion. He wears his wavy hair in a short, conservative style. Although he does not spend nearly as much time in the gym as a security officer, he still maintains a better-than-expected fitness standard.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Jass Benyan
Mother Mara Benyan
Sister(s) Kiara, Janna
What is their relationship like with their family? Raygi is very protective of his younger twin identical twin sisters Kiara and Janna. He is on good terms with his parents and visits them as often as possible.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally, Raygi is pretty real...meaning that he tends to see things for what they are, rather than what he wishes them to be. Some would call his attitude pessimistic, but Raygi refers to be thought of as practical. He is usually quick with sarcasm or a sharp retort, but that has been somewhat tempered by his experiences over the last several months. He does carry a bit of a chip on hi shoulder, given the circumstances. but he is trying to make the best of the hand he was dealt.
What are they afraid of? Right now, Raygi is afraid of making a mistake. Any mistake. He lives in fear that he will screw up in front of the wrong person again and he will be cashiered out of Starfleet permanently
What is a talent they have or community they are a part of? When he first came to Earth sixteen years ago, Raygi was introduced to Terran baked goods by his Academy roommate. He developed a particular affinity for them, so much that he has taken several classes in baking techniques over the years. Raygi has entered several contests with his recipes, and his carrot cake with ginger spice cream cheese icing won its division three years in a row.
What is their ideal lifestyle? Raygi wants to have a husband to come home to, with supper cooked and dessert and wine. He is an old-fashioned romantic in a lot of ways.

Personal History Raygi was born on Betazed in June of 2330. His family lived in a relatively isolated community in the northern latitudes, which explains his naturally fair complexion. He was the first child to his parents, with identical twin sisters born eight years later. Raygi has always been (and probably always will be) very protective of his sisters.

Raygi was not an outstanding student in his younger years. He would often goof off in class and make sketched and technical drawings; when he was eleven, one of his teachers looked at the drawings Raygi had done and recommended additional placement testing for the lad. These tests showed a high predisposition toward mathematics and technical professions. Raygi was placed into an academic curriculum the planned to his strengths and helped his develop his blossoming technical skills. In this program, Raygi excelled and upon graduation in 2348 he expressed interest in applying to Starfleet in lieu of the many institutions of higher learning on Betazed. Although his parents were a little disappointed that their only son wanted to leave home, they supported his goals and Raygi was admitted to the Academy in September of 2348. He chose Starship Operations as his focus. Raygi did moderately well academically, graduating in the top five percent of his class in 2352.

Ensign Benyan, freshly graduated from the Academy, was placed on the Ambassador class vessel USS Columbus. Raygi began as a gamma-shift diagnostic technician; diligence and hard work earned him a place on the gamma-shift bridge crew within a year. Following a promotion to Lieutenant JG in 2354, Raygi moved to Alpha Shift and became a relief Ops Officer on the bridge. He remained in that position for three additional years, eventually becoming Ops Chief in 2357 following the retirement of Commander Jason Asher and earning a promotion to full Lieutenant. Raygi ran his department efficiently, so well that he was asked to become Second Officer of the Columbus with a promotion to Lieutenant Commandeering 2363. Raygi served in that capacity for almost a year before the incident that brought him to the Carver.

The hour was late, and several of the bridge officers were in the Lounge knocking back a few drinks. The Executive Officer, and extremely smug and by-the-book Vulcan named Stovek, was two tables away and saying very unprofessional and un-called-for things about the Captain. Raygi may be an asshole sometimes, but he is most definitely loyal to his Captain. Raygi politely asked the Vulcan to cease and desist with his commentary, but the XO refused and continued to disrespect the Captain. Eventually, Raygi had enough and asked one last time for the Vulcan to stop. The XO refused, so Raygi broke his nose.

Being an extremely by-the-book XO, Stovek immediately had Raygi arrested and placed in the Brig. Raygi was charged with insubordination, conduct unbecoming an officer and striking a superior officer...all three court-martial offenses. The Betazoid was transferred to JAG custody at Starbase 295, where he met with a JAG defender to prepare his case. They were elicit enough to get the charge of insubordination dropped, but the other two charges stuck and Rage was found guilty. As punishment, Raygi was demoted to Lieutenant and sentenced to 90 days at the Jaros II penal settlement. Raygi served his time, then spent two months regaining his qualifications and updating his certifications so he could serve as an Operations officer once again. He sent out many applications, but the only one that as accepted was for the USS Carver.