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Lieutenant Christopher Kuna

Name Christopher Michael Kuna

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Sexuality Undetermined
Theme Song

Physical Appearance

Height six foot one inch
Build Healthily Fit
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Standing just over six foot tall, this slender man looks as though he has seen hell and survived. There are very old scars across his hands as if they were beaten when he was younger and there was no place for him to seek medical care. His face is the only part of his body that does not have scars on it. His hazel eyes match his light brown short hair. He looks as though he is in his early thirties.


Father Adopted by Steven Kuna
Mother Adopted by Jesara Kuna
What is their relationship like with their family? Biological family is unknown. Adopted family was very loving and caring but he became disowned by them after killing the Cardassian.

Personality & Traits

General Overview When not compromised by his emotions he is hyper-intelligent and quick to adapt to any situation. His skills speak for themselves. Hypercritical of his behavior. His emotions often get the best of him at times forgoing his logical thought processes. Has murdered before.
What are they afraid of? Fear of dyeing alone but that is held so close to his chest that he never lets on as he tends to operate effectively well on his own if needed.
What is a talent they have or community they are a part of? He enjoys listening to music as it helps him focus. He enjoys to sing and has won several karaoke contests in the past for his use of voice.
Can cook but prefers to do so for himself rather than groups.
What is their ideal lifestyle? To live in the comfort and security of his own place somewhere on a very low traffic planet. He would like to retire if he ever gets the chance.

Personal History Taken for the Medical Logs of Christopher M Kuna:
Audio recording 723 session 12:
Patient: Christopher M Kuna
Doctor: Doctor Frances Scott
Begin play...

Scott: Right, now recording. So tell me about your memories, Christopher.
Kuna: How far back would you like me to go Doctor?
Scott: Lets start with your childhood.
Kuna: Ahh. Torture, abuse. The usual run of the mill antics. I never met my parents so that should save you some time. I do not recall much of anything other than the Cardassians invading and putting me in slave camps. I did not know what the sky was like until I was probably 14 when the occupation ended.
Scott: Occupation of Bajor?
Kuna: My good Doctor, more planets were invaded and occupied that anyone would like to admit. I don't know what the planet was called but we called it hell.
Scott: Why 14?
Kuna: Ahh yes. 14 is when someone came in and rescued all of us. I was the only human child in the mix so a family, nice family took me in and adopted me. Hence my name.
Scott: What was your name in the labor camps?
Kuna: 2365 dash 7
Scott: How dreadful! I am so sorry you had to experience this cruelty. To be reduced to a number is just unfathomable.
Kuna: You did not commit the acts Doctor, they did. They have their reasons for the way they think and understand. And myself? Well it was the only life I had known. How could I know any different?
Scott: Well let's carry on shall we? Tell me what happened after you were rescued.
Kuna: It took two years for me to learn to speak English and everything that you hold dear. Customs, manners, traditions, and so on. I adapted well enough and was able to get my education caught up. There we fights and arguments with other people my age, most of which I learned to kill or be killed. Under the watchful eye of the consortium, none of that happened. You see Doctor, you are built to save lives. I was built to survive. That has whats lead me into your chair here Doctor.
Scott: Yes, I guess that does make sense. So you admit that you killed the man?
Kuna: That was no man, Doctor. That was a Cardassian butcher. He was the man that was in charge of the labor camps. He was the man who killed my friends when they no longer served a purpose.
Scott: You swore an oath when you joined us. To serve and protect. You hold two master's degrees in two different fields. Obviously logic does not seem to be oblivious to you. How could you not the system take him to trial?
Kuna: But in phrase, Doctor, I did what was asked of me. I killed a beast to save others from the same hell that I would endure. That monster created me and it was only a matter of time before he hurt someone else. Why can't anyone see I did the right thing?

End Playback

Starfleet Tribunal
Docket 648.232
Starfleet vs Christopher Kuna
Begin Playback:

Judge: Has the fury reached a verdict?
Jury: We have, your honor.
Judge: You may proceed.
Jury: In the count of first degree murder, we find the defendant Guilty due to mental defect.
Judge: So be it. Mister Kuna, you are here by sentenced to Starfleet Psychiatric Institute for further evaluation. Once that has been done, we shall meet again to determine your further sentencing. BANG
I would also like to say that for such a decorated officer in the field of bio-molecular science and quantum entanglement theory, I am deeply saddened by your actions. Court Dismissed.

End Log

SS Metras
Oberth- Refit Class
Prisoner Deck 12 – 12 days to Shackleton Expanse
Begin Playback:

O'Mally: Why did you do it?
Kuna: You're telling me you wouldn't?
O'Mally: You're the one behind the forcefield, Chris, not me.
Kuna: I did what I swore an oath to. You can not hold that against me. Everyone in the Core worlds forgets what it's like to live a life outside of it. Perfect houses, free food, no needs, no wants. I survived where my family, my /real/ family didn't. I defied the odds and survived a monster. You can not sit here and tell me I did the wrong thing.
O'Mally: What you did was wrong. What he did to you was wrong. Two wrongs do not make it right!
Kuna: And what? Let the consortium have him avoid the charges? Let him get out of it due to Diplomatic bullshit? I am sorry, Frank. I could not let that happen. Sometimes, you have to become the thing you hate the most to save others.

End Log

SS Metras
Oberth Class
Prisoner Deck 12 – Location Unknown
Begin Playback:

O’Mally: Hey shit head, wake up. You have a call.
Kuna: From whom.
O’Mally: It’s from Admiral Hathway.
Kuna: Put it through.
Hathway: Mister Kuna, I see you're doing well.
Kuna: Oh you know me, enjoying the finest that Starfleet has to offer in it’s brigs.
Hathway: Well don’t get too comfortable. You're now in route to Starbase 121.
Kuna: Social call or do you have business to discuss? You know I am planning this little vacation to rehab and what not.
Hathway: I’m sorry but that’s been canceled. You are to report to the USS Carver. You will meet them at (BLAH) and from there your assignment is to act as their Chief Science Officer. Your rank will be demoted from Lieutenant Commander to Lieutenant. You will have to earn them pips back. Hathway Out.
Kuna: Great. There goes my vacation.