Balls Deep in Space

Posted on Sat May 27th, 2023 @ 1:43am by Captain Nathan Locke & Lieutenant JG K'Sawn

Mission: The Fungus Among Us
Location: Shuttle Bay, USS Carver
Timeline: 0620 hrs. September 3rd, 2364

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The vastness of space stretched in every perceivable direction. Suddenly starlight cascaded over the farthest edge of a sphere drifting through the inky blackness. The light fell over deep craters that dotted its surface. As it drifted silently, light illuminated its entire white surface.

And then the golf ball struck the side of the massive space outpost and ricocheted off into the void.

From the shuttlebay of the USS Carver Nathan Locke held his hand up to his eyes and smiled when he saw the speck of white hurtle off into the void.

It had become something of a tradition for him to empty a bucket of golf balls into space at the start of a new mission, or at least when he had the chance to hit them at something. He had been led to believe it was quite the sound on the inside when a golf ball struck the hull.

Behind him, the hatch hissed open and a young woman stepped in. She had short brown hair and half her face was stark white while the other half was a deep shade of green. It was a unique feature of her biology that her skin wasn't light green but instead the two halves of her ancestry seemed to refuse to merge.

"Are you really wasting time like that? We have to go get the new crew," she said crossing her arms.

"You have to go get the newbs, I have to play golf," Nathan said taking another ball from the bag and dropping it on the square meter of artificial turf he had set up in the shuttle bay.

"Are you really intending on playing this with the dark and brutal captain schtick again?" the woman asked sounding more annoyed. "You want me to go and get them freaked out that this is going to be a true punishment tour."

"It's always good to get the newbs a little freaked, don't you think? If you let them know I don't give a fuck too far in advance they'll push the limits too far," he went on, taking a moment to line up his shot.

"What if I don't want to give a fuck?" she said with a sigh as she went over to the shuttle and sat down on the nacelle.

"The thing is if I come out the gate with apathy, it's less fun for me and let's be honest, freaking out the newbs is half the fun I get to have," he said and began to prepare to take his swing. "You should learn to have some fun with the newbs."

"I have my own schtick for newbs, I don't need your schtick," she replied with a sigh.

"So I'm guessing you're going to go with the succubus orion route? ...Again," he said giving her a look and a smirk, before returning his attention to his shot.

"It's a good schtick," the half-green one said with a laugh.

"One of these days someone is going to call your bluff," he said with a laugh.

"Hey, I'm not the one here for banging an Admiral's husband," she replied.



The ball disappeared out of the air shield and into space.

"I think it's about time for you to go get our new recruits," he turned to look at her, an edge of anger in his eyes. "Don't you, K'Sawn."

K'Sawn sighed and nodded, she could tell she pushed it a bit too far. Nathan was fun when he was annoyed, he was significantly less fun when he was pissed. "So, you're the king of hell and I am his pet succubus, that's our schtick, huh?" She stepped around the shuttle and paused before stepping into it. "Well, Sagtan, I'll be back."

Nathan just shook his head and grabbed another ball. The shuttle had disappeared from the bay before he took his next shot.

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