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Entry Level Position's are for Newbs

Posted on Sat Jun 10th, 2023 @ 4:36am by Lieutenant JG K'Sawn & Ensign Lakshmi & Lieutenant Raygi Benyan & Lieutenant Christopher Kuna & Ensign T'kinn & Chief Petty Officer Krit'tok

Mission: The Fungus Among Us
Location: Shuttle Bay, Outpost 17
Timeline: 0630 hrs. September 3rd, 2364

The shuttlebay was expansive and it just made Lakshmi feel all the smaller. In the last month, she had been in more trouble than she was certain any of her kind had been in ever. She was one for the history books and that wasn't a good thing for once.

She sighed and rocked on her heels. She was early for the shuttle to the USS Carver and no one else had shown up yet the result was her already high anxiety was almost to it's boiling point. She almost screamed when the door behind her hissed open.

Raygi felt the Ensign’s trepidation before he saw her face; as a Betazoid, he had taken training on how to screen out the surface thoughts of others…but these thoughts almost screamed. And that almost made him scream. Mentally, of course. The lift car door opened, and the Ops Chief met the source of the anxiety.

“Relax Ensign,” he said, trying to project calm when he himself was a bundle of nervous energy. “Either that or back off on the coffee.” He extended a hand. “Raygi Benyan, Operations.”

Krit'tik walked into the room from a different door in the hanger. "Careful with that." He said to the pair of Officer's that was helping in bringing in a crate. He spotted the pair or officers talking and one was his boss. He as had looked up their personal files. He walked over to them. He looked up at the taller man. He humphed before he spoke. "So your going to be my boss. I was expecting more." He stated with another humph.

“Imagine my disappointment,” said Raygi tersely, “upon finding out that one of your species is my Quartermaster. The job takes organizational skill…I hope you’re up to the task.” The Betazoid enjoyed this type of semi-argumentative banter with Tellarites; he has even been told that argument was a sporting event on Tellar Prime.

Krit'tik humphed at the man. "I am better at my job then you are." He said. "But still I will let you fumble at your mating rituals." He stated.

Lakshmi shifted on her heels and awkwardly fumbled with her hands in front of her. She didn't like conflict and these men seemed to thrive off of it.

Raygi frowned slightly, withdrawing his hand and returning it to his side. Apparently, this young woman was not interested in being friendly. So be it. The Betazoid redirected his gaze toward the Tellarite. “Whether you are better at your job is irrelevant, Chief. Bottom line is, you report to me and I expect you to respect the chain of command. Am I making myself clear? Oh, and just for reference’s sake, the next two words out of your mouth should be ‘yes’ and ‘Sir.’”

Near by, in a shimmer of blue lights, two Starfleet security officers appeared and between them, a man in cuffs. Christopher, the man in the middle, looked around. "Wait, we were suppose to be going to the rescue group. Where the hell am I?"

The security officer on the right smiled, "Ohhh there has been a change of plans for you, Mister Kuna. No escaping this time." He then lightly pushed Christopher in the back, "Move, now."

With much confusion, frustration, and seething anger, Christopher reluctantly moved forward toward one of the larger shuttles that people appeared to be migrating too.

Almost as if on some kind of cue, the door at the rear of the shuttle slid open, and a woman with peculiar skin stepped out, half her face was stark white while the other half was deep green.

"Okay, I'll take it from here," the half-green-skinned woman said with a menacing smirk.

"Are you sure Miss?" the security guard asked, eyeing his prisoner.

"If he runs, I'll shoot him," she replied, patting the phaser on her hip.

The security guard shrugged and turned to leave.

"Okay, newbs, listen up, I'm gonna make this short and sweet. You were not assigned to the Carver for outstanding behavior," she began as she moved to walk down the line of rookies. "You are not the best of the best. This is not a ship of the line and at this point in your career, it's shit or get off the pot. Now the captain will expect perfection out of you, you've screwed up and this is a second chance. If you can't pull it off this time... You're fucked." She smirked and licked her lips hungrily. "Am I making myself clear?"

Christopher watched the guards leave and leave the magcuffs on him. He listened to the woman talk before speaking, "Not much choice to do anything other than instructed, I suppose. You can say I am bound by it." he said giggling his hands.

T'kinn merely rolled his eyes and muttered something under his breath. He thought about pulling the flask out of his skant pocket but he didn't. The last thing he wanted was attention drawn to him at this point. He looked around, without moving his head, wondering who would be his supplier...

Raygi tipped his head forward slightly as he spoke. “Forgive me, Lieutenant,” began the Betazoid, “but exactly who are you? And what is your position in the command hierarchy of the Carver that makes you feel justified in issuing orders to those that outrank you?”

Krit'tik humphed before the rude off Officer could. "They are the fine Captain of the ship that is taking use to the Carver. So mind your manners." He stated with another humph.

“Forgive me for erring on the side of Starfleet Protocol, Chief,” said Raygi with a smug grin.

"You'll quickly find rank means little compared to seniority. The longer you've been stuck here, the higher your standing. You are all newbs. You may be happy thinking that your fancy ranks may save you, but believe you me, this isn't that kind of ship," the half-green-skinned woman said with a threatening laugh. "Now, get your butts in gear and pick a seat. We've got a deadline." She turned and went into the shuttle, prepping it for launch."

Christopher sighed as he walked up the ramp of the shuttle, being sure to duck his head as not to hit it on the low beam, and made his way toward one of the front benches.

Raygi exhaled deeply through his nose. He was willing to accept that for the moment this pilot was in control. In fact, their pilot was the only individual in this ragtag group that was radiating positive emotions. The others were feeling a variety of things at varying levels…but the feelings were overwhelmingly negative. The Betazoid entered the craft and took a seat next to the man in the magcuffs. He offered what he hoped was a friendly smile and tried his best to project confidence.

Lakshmi followed after and took a seat away from the others, sitting in such a way to make her already small stature seem all the smaller.

Krit'tik brought his gear aboard and humphed as he took his seat.

T'kinn merely shrugged and allowed himself to be herded into the shuttle, finding an empty seat and sitting down.

Once they had all settled into their seats the half-green-skinned woman closed the hatch and began the journey to the Carver.

She smiled when it came into view, the old rust bucket herself. Her hull was far from pristine with some sections obvious replacements for broken sections. She was a ship held together by the hopes and dreams of a Starfleet of a different era. So she maintained.

"Welcome home, newbs."

"Nice ship." Krit'tik said with his typical humph. "I see I will fit right in."

"Where is the ship? It can't be that...'thing' out there is it?" Christopher said, "If it is send me right back to where I was headed. That 'thing' does not look like it could even get up to half impulse speed." Christopher winced, "Let alone out of dock."

"Wow...what a piece of shit..." T'kinn grumbled under his breath. He exhaled deeply - this was going to be a long assignment.

The half-green one only smiled and piloted the shuttlecraft into the small shuttlebay on the underside of the USS Carver. She smiled because she knew something they didn't.

But it wouldn't matter long, they would soon find out.


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