This Is My Ship

Posted on Tue Jun 27th, 2023 @ 5:37am by Captain Nathan Locke & Lieutenant JG K'Sawn & Ensign Lakshmi & Lieutenant Raygi Benyan & Lieutenant Christopher Kuna & Ensign T'kinn & Chief Petty Officer Krit'tok

Mission: The Fungus Among Us
Location: Shuttle bay, USS Carver
Timeline: 0700 hrs. September 3rd, 2364

The shittlebay was barely big enough for the shuttle, yet the half green skinned eased the shuttle into place like she had done it hundreds of times, which she had.

As the door to the shuttlebay slid closed the door at the back of shuttle slide open.

On cue the lights of the shuttle clicked off and the figure at the doorway of the shuttle was suddenly cast in silhouette.

"Well, lets have a look at you, disembark!" the figure said and stepped to the side to let them off the shuttle.

Still cuffed, Christopher stood up and kept his head down as he made sure he had the clearance needed to exit the small shuttle. As he came down the ramp, he stood opposite of the figure, not saying a word.

Thinking better of saying something, T'kinn merely stood and followed the train out the shuttle's hatch. I really need a drink he thought to himself.

Contrasting with the others, Raygi Benyan held his head high as he strode confidently out of the small craft. No one has been particularly chatty, but they all had a grab bag of emotions which were interesting to read. He recognized Captain Locke, although they had not met in person; the Captain had sent Raygi a brief message days ago, ordering the Betazoid to report to the Carver. So far, the ship as of yet had failed to impress the Operations Chief.

Once they had all filed out of the shuttle the lights clicked up and Nathan could see them properly and they could see him.

Nathan Locke looked younger than he was, the result of a pampered and active lifestyle. He was tall and lean with sharp eyes that could stare right through a person.

"Welcome to my ship," he began simply. "You've met my chief shuttle pilot, Miss K'Sawn D'licis. I'm certain she has said a number of things to you, some true and some lies." He paused in his well rehearsed speech to scratch his chin and look away. "I have neither the time not the energy to sort out fact from fiction for you."

He turned to look back at them for a sad moment. "Do well and you may get your life back, do poorly and you may find their aren't a lot of nice places left to fall too." He sighed. "Any questions?"

Christopher just stood silent the entire time. Another big chested Captain to deal with. Never seems to end.

Krit'tok smirked as he listened. He was figuring that several of the Command Staff is going to be his best customers, especially the Captain. But he planned on playing is on the down low for the moment.

Nathan looked them over again and sighed. "Alright, Department chiefs, I'll be having a mission briefing in 2 hours. Stow your shit and do what you need to do to get ready. Everyone else, go see your department chief."

With that he turned and walked away.

"I hate to watch him go, but man I like the view from the backside," K'Sawn said stepping out from the shuttle.

T'kinn kept his thoughts to himself. This wasn't what he thought it was going to be. He was really in the shit now. I really need a drink, now he thought again. That prompted him to flash a look at the Betazoid; Gotta watch that one he thought.

Raygi caught a brief flash of…worry? However it could be described, it was crystal clear where it had come from. The Betazoid leaned forward slightly and looked at the Rigellian. He gave the Vulcanoid a sweet, syrupy smile and a casual wave. Feeling a little better, Raygi turned on his heel and headed toward the turbo lift in the aft compartment of the shuttlebay.

K'Sawn sighed and headed out, she wanted to catch a buzz and she wanted to see if she could find someone to pester. She had a good feeling about these new recruits.